Influencer Marketing- Better Brand Promotion & More Leads

“Hey, have you watched that new ad with the beautiful actress?”- “Yeah! I am thinking about buying that beauty product she was recommending.” 

It is quite common for people to be interested in products or brands their favorite celebrities are advertising for. As people can be easily influenced by popular public faces, the concept of influencer marketing has been introduced. Influencer marketing has become a buzzword these days because of its measurable impact on different industries.

However, influencer marketing is not just limited to celebrities like actors, players or other public faces. The sphere is getting bigger with the popularity of people who have a large number of followers on the web or social media. An influencer can come from any industry or can be anywhere. What makes them different from the rest is their dedicated following, high credibility, and marketability.

The result of influencer marketing can be obtained by the collaboration of the brand and the influencer. To achieve the goal, organizations have to work closely with an influencer to improve brand recognition and turn the influencer’s followers into potential leads by using strong marketing strategies. Some notable advantages of influencer marketing-

Brand Awareness– When a brand collaborates with an online influencer, it helps to get better visibility and increase brand awareness. So, you can expose your brand before a bigger audience and make them aware of what you’re selling by getting the attention of a large group of followers.

Better Credibility– Trust cannot be gained within one day. It is something one can build up gradually by fulfilling the expectation of the followers. But, with a string connection with influencers, organizations can quickly build trust and increase brand credibility and recognition. But, surely an organization has to give their best effort to hold people’s trust they have gained by collaborating with an influencer.

Increased Sales– The ultimate result of influencer marketing is better sales. Most people look to their favorite celebrity or other influencers to find the best products and tend to try out what the influencers use. Influencers simply help in driving purchasing decisions in the organization’s favour so that it can help to increase their sales.

Some Influencer Marketing Platforms to Consider-

1. This site gives access to a vast community of influencers of different fields. By connecting and collaborating with their amazing community members, your business can generate leads faster and grow swiftly. It allows you to network with other influencers and businesses on and off the community by building a professional profile. helps to empower the influence economy by giving a common platform to the influencers and businesses where they can share their thoughts and develop innovative ideas.


Buzzstream is a trusted platform that is used by thousands of marketers and leaders to build relationships with influencers. It provides a centralized database and access to contact information, social profiles, and site metrics so that you can reach influencers quickly. It’s simple to prioritize influential contacts, save important emails and tweets, keep track of all conversations, collaborate with peers, and more. Buzzstream gives you a clear and deep insight into content-driven marketing campaigns,  outreach campaigns, team performance, and link placements by delivering a customized report.


Shoutcart is a popular influencer marketing platform where you can build connections with active followers and subscribers. Shoutcart is all about connecting your business with popular top influencers to get brand recognition from a bigger audience. 600M+ Follower & Subscriber network, simple setup, secure process and more you can expert from this platform. The proprietary Shoutcart Score helps in identifying top influencers who can ensure better engagement with followers by publishing your content. It also offers tracking and statistics for outreach campaigns to provide a deep insight and maximize the results.


Ninja Outreach is a trusted platform for brand collaborations and effective influencer marketing campaigns. It allows the organizations to reach business profiles and social media influencers in any niche and location with the help of the most powerful social engine on the web. Ninja Outreach can find a suitable influencer who can draw the attention of your target audience by filtering through millions of influencers insights. So, you can drive the followers to your websites and increase traffic and sales.


If you are looking for cost effective influencer marketing solutions, Izea has to be your destination. It helps the organizations to save money and time on their influencer marketing programs by empowering their research technology and team. It gives access to a potential Influencer Discovery Tool to identify top influencers and an amazing platform to boost the efficiency of your marketing programs. For thousands of subscribers, it is a cost-saving, scalable, and predictable way to execute influencer marketing campaigns.

6. Phlanx is an online marketing platform that provides measurable engagement rates. You can get contacts of potential influencers, create contracts, and audit instagram accounts to drive followers towards your websites. Instagram Influencer Auditor helps to analyse Instagram accounts for active and non-active followers, engagement rates, brand mentions and demographics to generate leads. And, Instagram Engagement Calculator gives you an idea of total followers by calculating the leads.


Heepsy provides the organization with access to more than 7 million influencers with +5K followers. Also, it delivers advanced reports including audience & authenticity analysis to easily identify top influencers by considering authenticity score and audience demographics. Heepsy uses advanced tools for agencies, advertisers and brands interacting with influencers and introduces you to the best ideas and possibilities with influencer marketing.


This platform provides the smartest and trusted influencer search engine to discover influencers by category and location within minimum time. Advanced search filters enable the organizations to focus by influence tier, social channel, audience demographics, etc. Klear introduces the best influencer marketing practices to maximize the outcome and achieve the goals. It is easy to develop influencer strategies with this efficient platform.

9. StarNgage is an powerful Instagram marketing platform that allows us to analyse, customise, manage, measure word-of-mouth marketing and connect with popular influencers on Instagram. It helps to develop influencer-generated content that delivers brand messages to target audiences. It has a wide network of influencers consisting of the most talented and influential creators- both Macro-Influencers and Micro-Influencers on Instagram. With StarNgage, you can easily monitor influencer marketing performance, set campaign reach and budget, track ROI, and provide analytics reports, and promote your brand.


Tribe is an ever-evolving branded content marketplace where we can generate mobile-first branded content at greater speed and lower cost. It provides remarkable support to create an innovative content-upfront model to connect your brand with potential followers and get quality traffic. It gives access to content creators to develop branded contents for our advertising channels to promote our brands. 


Traackr is a popular data-driven influencer marketing platform that you can use to optimize investments, streamline campaigns, and scale programs.It gives access to the Largest Global Influencer Data Set to allow effective brand collaboration and influencer marketing. It gives rich insights for over 6M vetted profiles including audience demographics, brand affinity, fraud detection, and historical performance indicators.


It can help the organizations to reach their targeted consumers with data-driven audience insights and a powerful influencer marketing technology. With Scrunch, you can find the top bloggers, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram influencers for better brand recognition. It has indexed billions of blogs and posts so that you can successfully promote your brand with the help of winning content creators and influencers.


Ifluenz has millions of happy subscribers who have used this platform to collaborate with top influencers and take their brand promotion to the next level. It is free, no-subscription fee required. Ifluenz gives you a better insight so that you can scale your influencer marketing and manage the campaign easily. This platform gives you the opportunity to discover top influencers quickly and help to receive branded and creative content from them.


Hypetap is an excellent influencer marketing platform that helps to generate creative contents and post them through popular influencers. It is focused on advanced influencer research, data driven insights, and real influence. It provides thorough reports by using real-time dashboards to keep you informed about your campaigns.

Influencer marketing can help to achieve your business goals faster with a collaboration of popular influencers and the brand. However, you have to develop your strategies smartly and implement them accurately to get the best result. Check out top influencer marketing platforms to set up your campaign and start promoting your business. Consider the mentioned platforms to get access to the best influencers for your organization.

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