5 Best Ways on How to Use Instagram for Lead Generation

Do you know Instagram is adding up active users every month at the fastest rate compared to other social media platforms? Hence don’t miss out on it. Here we share the easiest, cost-effective, and dynamic ways to start Instagram lead generation process for your business. So here goes your chance to grab plenty of leads with the least effort.

Instagram Business Account for Ads Generating Links

To start with these campaigns just create your Facebook page and an Instagram business account.  Now you are ready to go with Ads Manager. It let you collect specific customers’ personal information like contact details, email, birthday, occupation, etc, which help you plan your marketing campaign precisely. Here we go step-by-step:

  • Choose Lead Generation option
  • Name the campaign
  • Select your objectives
  • Define what set of audience you want
  • Then you have to select placement which can also be Facebook recommended automatic placement.
  •  Set your budget or bid for per link clicks.
  • Select an ad format
  • Make your lead form.

Call to Action

Instagram lead generation process lets you add a Call to Action button which can be linked to your contact details so that customers can directly connect with your company. Also, you may add more vital Call to Action buttons like Reserve, Book a Ticket, Get best Quote, which takes the user to a form where they can put their inquiry.

You can get this option from your Edit Profile under Account Page. Click on Contact Option and then add an Action button. Then add your business URL with selected provider option. It enhances the engagement and also let your viewers connect with you.  Instagram let you drive traffic through this option at its best.

Link Optimization in the BIO

Giving a link on the bio help you to accomplish your objective hence Instagram lets you optimize it. You must use short links and add the brand name in it. Always give UTM parameters in the link. This will help you track the details of source from where viewers are coming and generating sale. Here also you can add a Call to Action.

Create a Clickable Landing Page

When a customer clicks on your link then your 50% of the job is done. Now need to design a landing page that relates your call to action and introduces your brand to him/her with relevant content. You may connect the landing page link with any product page or any specific product. At a glance it let you fetch customer’s attention on a specific product category.

Swipe up Feature in the Story

Adding stories to the swipe up feature has proved 85% growth rate.  Many viewers loves to get an insight just swiping as it is easy to operate. You will get this option from + sign beside profile picture on the left side top corner. Upload the content by clicking the chain icon, and add your links. You may add the story to your highlights.

Other than the above-mentioned procedure you may also run contest on Instagram or partner with an influencer, feature top selling products, set a product launch buzz with a reminder and lot more. Keep connected with us to get more updates and exciting new ways to generate leads in your business.

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