An Informative Guide to 10 Best Online Form Builders

An Informative Guide to 10 Best Online Form Builders
Nowadays whether you are applying for a course or a job, signing up for an event, or subscribing to something, the first and foremost step is filling out an online form. The majority of organizations are using the online forms to get access to elementary information of potential leads and store them for future use or for an account set up. However, the details provided by leads, customers or applicants can be used by the organizations for multiple purposes and help to build a strong connection between both parties.

Data Capture with Online Forms
Now the question is what sort of data can be captured with the help of online forms. Different organizations have unique data collection needs. So, a single type of form won’t work for them. In most cases, the online form enables the organizations to collect personal information including academic backgrounds, skills and job details. The questions can vary with the forms to meet the organizations’ needs. To fulfill the requirements, many organizations use the best online form builders to create engaging
online forms to carry out data capture in the best and smoothest way.

Considerable Benefits of Using Online Form Builders

  • Desired Result with Less Effort- Top online form builders has a wide array of options that make the procedure effortless for the users. Beautiful templates, spectacular themes, manageable user interface- all lead to an innovation form that will help to gather accurate data from leads.
  • Customizable- Many form builders allow the organizations to customize their online forms as per their needs and provide the result they desire. The overall appearance and the feel of the form will depend on the template and theme you will select.
  • Access to Authentic Data- Online form gives complete control to the organizations. So, you can set the form up in a way so that the customers or applicants can’t proceed for the next steps unless they give answers to the previous questions. To put it simply, you will get all necessary details from your viewers without missing anything.

Reviews on Online Form Building Platform-

1. Paperform

It is one of the best platforms for building online forms. It’s easy, fast and full of fresh and innovative templates. I will recommend this site for people who are seeking better conversion rates and more leads. It has a large stock of designer templates with rich content and theming. Paperform unleashes the facilities like lead capture, landing forms, professional looking event registration, surveys and quizzes, engaging application forms. It makes it easy to collect lead data and build a strong bond with the leads.

2. Zoho

Zoho is the preferred option when you are looking for one integrated app for managing your data provided by leads. It is a reliable front-end data collection system that works seamlessly with different applications. It makes the data collection hassle-free and offers better user experience with their feature-rich form builder software, customizable themes, beautiful templates, and more! You can receive instant alerts or notifications that help to view, manage, analyze, optimize your data efficiently. Moreover, it shares links on social media sites and also helps you to reach your target audience through email campaigns. So, your form can come across a larger audience.


If you need a free, fast and simple online form builder, nothing can beat This site enables the organizations to create forms without coding and provide free packages with all available features. You can build an online survey, contact form, registration form, feedback form or sales order form and share it on social media or on your website effortlessly. Furthermore, enables you to use all features without website or registration, easy payment process by just connecting your PayPal or Stripe account to your Sales Order Form, location restrictions, and helps to track conversions.

4. JotForm

JotForm is an online form builder which can give access to features for building engaging and professional looking forms. With their industry-leading features, you can speed up the process and get a satisfactory result. Its instinctive drag-and-drop user interface makes form building remarkably simple and fast. With JotForm, organizations can create and publish online forms, integrate them into websites, and receive responses via email. You can create an array of forms such as- Application forms, Registration forms, Request forms, Contact forms, Surveys, Booking forms, Feedback forms and many more! 

5. Typeform

For user-friendly forms and surveys, is the ideal place. It will help you to get custom layouts and design a form that will be less like a set of questions and more like a conversation. This site gives access to millions of images, icons and videos that can make your online form more presentable. Typeform helps to sync the responses to Google sheets so that you can receive alerts if viewers fill out your forms or surveys. And, all these are possible without a developer when you are a user of Typeform.

6. Cognitoforms

Cognito can help to build a form whether it is contact form, registration form, or order form in seconds with the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form builder app. This application offers the best features that you need to customize your form layout and embed the form on your website or a blog directly and easily. What more! You will receive customized email notifications and check all entries from any device. Cognito allows the customers to update their entries even after submitting the form or logging out.  

7. Formstack

Formstack’s workplace productivity software enables the users to bring data collection and signatures online, create engaging online forms without using code and minimize the hassle. Formstack sends information to customers and clients who need it by connecting different online forms to dozens of native apps or custom webhooks. This app makes everything automated and sends out email notifications to help to keep track. The analytics gives insights into the thinking of different customers and addresses the mistakes in previous strategies. Salesforce app, Enterprise plans, Healthcare plans, Custom adds-on, etc make your experience with Formstack marvellous.

8. Wufoo

Wufoo is a perfect online form builder for authentic data collection, easy and fast payments and better workflow. I will suggest it even for beginners who are trying to create online forms for the first time. This app comes with Cloud Storage Database and automates your processes. It helps  to create the forms organizations need to collect data, files and payments without code. So, if your team is not familiar with these apps, you will have to just give a brief explanation for them to understand.

9. Formsite

Formsite offers amazing featuresto create registrations, customer surveys, order forms, lead forms and more with their pre-made themes and further customization to get the ultimate product to match your brand’s needs. It provides over 100 customizable templates and 40 question types to build registration forms, customer surveys, lead forms, etc. The Look & Feel tools made each form unique and perfect for its purpose.

10. 123formbuilder

123FormBuilder is a no-code, drag & drop online form builder that has the ability to create powerful registration forms with ease. Over 1000 form templates are available on 123FormBuilder, which can help to collect the right data within your organization. This site allows you to publish your forms on any platform and manage crucial data with ease.

Here we have mentioned top online top builders that you can consider to make your form user-friendly and professional. No need to be a developer or take assistance from one to build an engaging form with these tools! Furthermore, you can ensure a better conversion rate and good response by using well-designed templates. To have a better idea, visit the sites and take a look at the details.

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