Top Productivity Apps to Manage Tasks Smartly and Collaboratively

Productivity Apps- Manage Tasks Smartly and Collaboratively

In the present era, most organizations are investing in different tools for better productivity. Well, it is a considerable investment if you chalk out the benefits of these tools in project management, time-management and more. Many tools can deliver instant results with their amazing features while others take time to increase the output. It is obvious if you are spending money on a tool, you will expect a measurable improvement as soon as possible. But, to get a desired result, you have to pay attention to the long-term value of a tool and give it sufficient time to enhance the productivity within the organization.

Better Quality of Work

The features of productivity apps leads to instant collaboration. It can allow users to check project status, review everyone’s schedule, share information with others and communicate in real-time with just a click of a button. So, it is undeniable that productivity apps make it easy for your employees to adjust everything smoothly and improve the quality of work for both employees’ and customers’ satisfaction.

Sustainable Outcome

Best online productivity tools help the users to learn from their previous mistakes and improve themselves. These tools give access to analytics for you to understand what you can do to handle the upcoming projects more proficiently and confidently. So, the information you gain by using these tools will not be limited to just recent work, but the data will enhance your efficiency and performance to ensure better productivity and long-term results.

Boost Your Employees’ Confidence

When your employees are motivated and happy, it will have a positive impact on their productivity. The productivity tools help the employees to be engaged and more productive by giving access to top features. It will help them to arrange all tasks in a simple way and reduce their workload so that they can focus on innovation.

Reviews on Some Productivity Apps

1. Todoist

Todoist is the best app I have ever used to arrange my tasks and improve my work efficiency. I really love this app for making me do my best everyday. By using this app, I get a clear overview of every task waiting for me to execute and make sure I never lose track of anything important. Todoist provides excellent features that make it easy to organize and prioritize my tasks everyday so that I can be informed about the next tasks given on my plate. Quick Add, Recurring due dates, Task View, Favorites, Notifications, Priorities and more options are available to give you an overview of upcoming tasks.

2. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an excellent app that helps you to personalize your to-do-list according to your schedule and help you to be engaged with their customizable themes. It also helps to import your tasks to Microsoft To Do fast. My Day, the smartest daily planner helps you to focus on the project you are working on without worrying about the next one. It automatically refreshes everyday so that you can note down the plans you have on the very day. My Day gives you easy access so that you can check your to-do lists on any devices and stay organized all the time.

3. Trello

Trello really helps me to be organized all the time. It also allows you to add comments, due dates, attachments and more to Trello cards to give you detailed info. With built-in workflow automation with robot butlers, it’s fun to organize my tasks now! It helps to organize and prioritize reputar tasks in an easy, smooth and flexible way. Trello makes everything easier for you with Rule-Based Triggers, Custom Card & Board Buttons, Due Date Commands, and Calendar Commands. 

4. Slack

Slack can help you to identify the important conversation quickly, follow all conversations, and address the valuable information easily. It is the perfect choice when your team is aiming for collaborative work. Slack offers dedicated channels to keep all information provided during a conversation organized and accessible. It also allows you to separate less important and crucial conversations. So, you can ensure productive teamwork with the help of these channels and stay updated along with your team. 

5. Monday allows you to automate your routine work by settling the chores according to your requirements. The virtual work hub can help to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. It is the Work OS that helps organizations to run processes, all projects, and regular tasks in a systematic way. This application is a rewarding platform that helps to manage the workload within an organization smartly and adapt to its needs. If you are managing remote teams that are encountering communication issues every time, will make sure your teams can work collaboratively without further ado.

6. Asana

It is difficult for my remote team to organize all projects, manage shifting priorities, execute routine tasks flawlessly without Asana. My team can always stay on track without extending the deadlines with this amazing app. After introducing this app to my co-workers, it has become hassle-free to keep the entire team well-coordinated during work. I will really suggest this app to people who are constantly encountering problems while handling their remote teams so that they can empower their teams and become proactive.

7. Airtable

I have suggested to my team to use Airtable a few years ago and I am really glad with the result I have got. With the creative palette, it has become easy for my team to manage a perfect workflow. This app presents an array of beautiful templates built by industry experts. If you want everything in one place, Airtable is an amazing platform to choose.

8. Teamup

With Teamup, no need to worry about communication problems! You can organize your team, manage tasks, create custom calendar access for individual employees as well as groups. This platform helps your teams to communicate efficiently, no matter wherever they are, through emails, messages, Excel sheets, or copy-pasting information. You can keep everything in one place with images, files, links, notes, and time-stamped event comments so that there will be less chances for scheduling conflicts.

9. Wrike

Wrike empowers your remote working technology to make employees collaborative and productive. You can optimize productivity, transparency, and collaboration without any scheduling conflicts with this app. It also helps to overcome any challenges that your employees can face due to miscommunication. With Wrike and your potential team, nothing can go wrong while working on several projects at the same time. It is customizable and comes with custom dashboards to meet your organization’s needs.


Process Street is a smart app for streamlining processes efficiently to ensure collaborative workflows within organizations. You can easily track all activities of remote teams and boost performance. It is simple to use as you can make everything organized by following 3 easy steps- Creating templates, running multiple instances, and collaborating with your team while tracking progress.

11. Taskade

Taskade provides a tree structured database that surprisingly turns into workflows. You can manage your workload, avoid conflicts, and increase efficiency of your team by using this app on a regular basis. It is solely built for collaboration. While using this app, you can share your projects easily, chat with teammates, and see all changes in real-time. Taskade helps you to automate your workflows by making planning, managing and prioritizing your tasks easy and fast. 

Stay organized and collaborative with the mentioned top productivity apps. Check the features of these apps and select the one that suits your unique needs. With top productivity apps, you will be able to manage regular tasks smartly, efficiently, and effortlessly. To start managing your tasks or find out the features, visit the sites soon. 

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